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Sun, 21 Apr 2013


You will recall that last year we organised a very successful and enjoyable day at Saltby, courtesy of Roger Keay, trying out gliding.

This year we have been offered Tuesday 4 June to try our hand at gliding. We will be able to go to Saltby, either by road or fly in, anytime during the day; gliding stops at 6.00 pm. The cost of a winch launch, (makes Alton Towers look tame) is £25 and an aerotow is £48. In both cases you should get a flight of at least 20 minutes. Subsequent flights will be available on the day at a discounted rate. 

To allow us to organise these events can you please let me know as soon as possible, and certainly by no later than the end of April for the breakfast fly out, which of the events you which to take part in.

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