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Sun, 21 Apr 2013

Breakfast Fly In

This will be on the Saturday 18th May. The intention, weather permitting, is for us to take all 3 aircraft, if enough people sign up, and leave at 9.00 am to fly to a local airfield, such as Sywell. There we will have a bacon buttie, or whatever takes your fancy, and fly back for 12.00 pm when normal club flying will commence. The flying costs will be shared by the pilots in each aircraft. If necessary the Warrior could do an intermediate stop on the way back to give all the pilots in it a flight, assuming there are 3 people in it. 


We had a very successful fly out today, 4 aircraft and 8 pilots, all flew down to Sywell for an excellent, but expensive bacon buttie and then flew back.

We intend repeating the exercise on Saturday 22 June, flying off at 9.00 am and aiming to be back in the clubhouse at 12.00 pm.

We will try a different airfield the next time, perhaps Sturgate.

If you wish to attend can you please let me know asap.

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